Now accepting free trials!

We accept free trials anytime from Tuesday to Friday.
Please come by all means!!

We have an adult swimming class for triathlon from Tuesday to Friday mornings 5:45-6:45 and 7:00-8:00.
Under the guidance of an experienced coach, we hold practice sessions at the reserved pool for swims that are difficult for individuals to practice.
Unlike practicing alone in the gym, practicing together while timing along the menu is fresh
and easy to continue, and you can improve effectively in a short amount of time.
Anyone who can swim 25m is OK, and everyone from beginners to those who aim to strengthen the swim of the triathlon are welcome.
Please come to the first free trial.


Excellent access and full lessons,
Take on the challenge of triathlon and start a new life

  • Meguro/Gotanda
    Triathlon swim club

    4 minutes walk from Fudo-mae station.
    It is a very close place to people living in the Meguro / Gotanda / Shinagawa area.
    However, there are many people who also ride bicycles and cars from the center of Tokyo, such as Minato Ward.
    Change your day with an early morning swim!

  • Learn the basics and improve your ability!

    From the technical drill practice in the first half to the main practice in the second half, you will swim firmly.
    Please try a practical and effective menu that is conscious of racing! As a guide, you can swim about 1,700m to 2,800m in one lesson.
    By practicing while measuring your time, you can feel the growth.

  • Swim in the early morning
    A new lifestyle!

    Why don’t you change your lifestyle by incorporating exercise into your life and swimming from the morning? We support various people such as strengthening the swim of triathlon and maintaining health!
    Many members are fluent in English, so please feel free to visit us.We support athlete life in Japan.


You don’t have to speak Japanese!
Start a triathlon with your kind and fun friends.

Many of the members are fluent in English, and many foreigners belong to them.
The big attraction of Triactive is that not only swim but also voluntary groups hold bike and run practice sessions.
It is full of various information such as invitations to the triathlon tournament to be held in Japan.

  • Shinichi Tanaka田中慎一

    I am a captain who welcomes foreigners. If you have any problems, please contact me in English. We will also introduce delicious Japanese restaurants.

  • Keigo Shinodaしのだけいご

    I joined because I was interested in triathlon.
    Continuity is power and there is an environment here where you can continue.English is perfect.

  • J.Oじぇい.おー

    I only swam in the gym, but I decided to start a triathlon and joined. I got into the habit of exercising early in the morning and completed the Sahara Marathon the other day!

  • Yoshihito Shichiji七字 良仁

    I like the homely atmosphere. We have you train together other than swim, and we are improving performance. English is …


Price Admission fee3,300yen
1 member per week7,700yen
2 member per week11,000yen
  • Price includes tax.
  • Please select the day of the week and time zone to participate.
  • Transfers can be made up to twice in the first week of the following month, and no prior or post-contact is required.
  • It is possible to transfer to the day of the week when the capacity has not been reached for the third and subsequent transfers.
  • If you wish to participate in the practice 3 times a week 4 times a week, you can apply for the second plan at 20% off. (16500 yen for 3 weeks, 19800 yen for 4 weeks)
Practice schedule 「Every Tuesday-Friday 4 days a week (6 times a week)」
【Wed】5:45-6:45 / 7:00-8:00
【Fri】5:45-6:45 / 7:00-8:00
Doors open until 5:35-8:15 (Tue/Fri-7:00)
Classes will be canceled if the pool used is closed.
Place 4-15-4 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
itoman Swimming School Shinagawa (chartered)


I only swim in the gym, is that okay?
Yes, anyone who can swim 25m can participate. The course is divided into 4 courses, and the menu is tailored to the level from beginners to intermediate and advanced users. Most people are growing steadily for the first time without a solid swim experience.
If you are not confident in your physical fitness after exercising for the first time in a long time, if you feel tired at your own pace, you can take a break on the way, or if you think it is okay, even if you go up first, at all It’s OK.
What should I bring to the practice session?
Please bring your swimsuit, goggles, swim cap and towel. You can also wear a wet suit, a watch such as Garmin, and a heart rate belt. Tools used in the lessons will be rented from the pool.
I am worried that I will be late in the early morning.
You are free to join or leave the lesson. Some people may want to swim even for a short time with 30 minutes remaining, and some people may go up early due to work reasons. Please use according to your convenience.